Tucker deserves his own page on our web site because he is truly unique and teaches some valuable lessons.  Tucker is only four months old as of the first of October, 2008, and we adopted him at age two months from the Marin Humane Society, and three months old in the photo above.  Jan and I both fell in love with him the first time we saw him, and he seemed to want us as well.

At five months of age, Tucker matched our other cat, Sandi, in size, with feet disproportionate to the rest of his body.  At six months, Tucker outweighs Sandi by at least two pounds, and has started to fill out, looking less like a kitten and more like a cat.

Initially we thought he was a short-hair, but now the only short hair is on his face and feet.  Mostly he has medium length hair, but with longer hair on his belly and a big bushy tail.  His hind legs are longer than the fronts, so he walks with his rump a little higher than his shoulders.  He has tufts of fur between his toes, like a snow leopard.  He is curious like most cats, but he is absolutely fearless, afraid of nothing and nobody.  So I think he must have some wild cat in his ancestry.

At 4 months Tucker learned the meaning of "no" and responds very well to it.  At about 5 months of age Jan taught him "sit" and "sit nice".  He would just jump feet first into a cereal bowl, milk going flying, which had to be stopped.  It only took about 2 days to get Tucker to sit.  He knows that "sit" means just to sit and nothing more.  "Sit nice" means to sit, but also with the expectation of licking the plate or bowl when we are finished.  Since he's learned to respond to some voice commands at an early age, I think one of his grandparents must have been a dog.

More will follow here as I have time to write more about him and his lessons for us, and select some photographs to include here.