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My main interests in life, after taking care of our financial needs, are photography, RV travel and camping, family including two beautiful granddaughters, and computing (still).

My photo gallery is located here, as well as information about RV camping and traveling.  Links are included to some of the best and most interesting RV-related web sites available.  As time goes on, the site will have more information based on our experiences.

I'll also be adding information about some free technology-related services for which we would have expected to pay good money, and some timely information and tips about saving energy and money.  Tucker, our newest cat, has his own section here because he is uniquely entertaining and educational, and of course incredibly cute. He's growing like a weed and promises to be a large cat as an adult.

This is a work in progress, so things will change.  Feel free to ask about anything you see here.  Email me here.  Or check my Blog.

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